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is shocking as the incident itself. i just crash landed at sfo. tail ripped off. everyone seems fine. i'm okay. surreal. witnesses shocked that anyone could survive. >> just pancaked immediately. and then just kept sliding and sliding and sliding. it finally stopped and you could see how the fuselage kept buckling. surprised it didn't come apart all together. and it was unreal. >> reporter: helicopter pictures show the trail of destruction. impact on the stone embankment, one set of plan beilanding gear plane stabilizers, the tip of the tail, debris littering the runway. officials say there was no sign of trouble before the plane crashed. . the weather ideal, a clear day. all traffic using visual flight rules to land. pilots say landing at san francisco international can be tricky. this shows the final approach. the runway starting at the water's edge. two things they're looking at are the engines. asiana airlines saying both were in fine working order, but passengers did say they felt them add power to them just before that impact. also that left engine seems to have disappeared. and the inst
the deadly crash at sfo as federal investigators begin their initial inspection of the wreckage. a special abc7 news at 8:00 is next. "this week" with george stephanopoulos will air at 4:00 p.m. here on abc7. >> we are learning heartbreaking new details about the crash of asiana crash flight 214 at sfo. this is a live look from sky hd. you see federal investigators on the tarmac beginning inspections of the wreckage. good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, july 7th. >> i'm kristin. here are the latest developments in the crash of that asiana passenger jet at sfo. investigators with the national transportation safety board are on the scene. you saw them walking on the live picture on the runway. they took a first look at the wreckage this morning and they
. when you see that wreckage on the runway or off the runway here at sfo. back to you guys in new york. >> adam, when you look at those pictures of the crash, a lot of people wondering how, in fact, did those people manage to get out of this aircraft. for miles people could see this fireball sitting on the runway. we were able to talk to different passengers there. how do they describe getting out of this aircraft? >> you know, it's interesting you mention that, clayton. one of the pilots i spoke to, watching all this coverage. i know them really well. talking about a couple of things. jet fuel isn't as flammable as gasoline. that allows you more time, buys you more time than years ago. while it takes a long time to get on and off of the plane. when we're in the back, seems like it takes forever. when you have a situation like this and all the doors open, you can get people off the plane, if there are not a lot of injuries on board, can you get them off in a minute or two. you can get to exit. it's that important to pay attention to where it is, because it's that much faster for you to
at sfo. tail ripped off. everyone seems fine. i'm okay. surre surreal." witnesses shocked that anybody survived. >> pancaked immediately. then it kept sliding and sliding and finally stopped. you could see how the fuselage kept buckling many times. i'm surprised it didn't come apart altogether. and it was unreal. >> reporter: helicopter pictures show the trail of destruction, the impact on the stone embankment at the runway's beginning. one set of landing gear, wheels, the plane stabilizers, the very tip of the tail, debris from the plane littering the runway. officials say there was no sign of trouble before the plane crashed. the weather ideal, a clear day. all traffic using visual flight rules to land. >> 214 out of san francisco. >> air traffic controllers can be heard guiding in asiana 214 and then you can hear others in the room alerting to the crash and the stress in the voice of the air traffic controller as the emergency unfolds. [ inaudible ] >> air traffic controllers continue talking to the pilot of the now crashed asiana 214, assuring the pilot that emergency personnel are
killed when s >>> one person is still missing from this morning's plane crash at sfo. two people were killed when the tail of asiana airlines' flight 214 from seoul, south korea hit just shy of the runway. >> that caused the plane to careen out of control
going at sfo even with three of the four runways open. there is still no word on when the four the runway 28 left will re-open because the charred wreckage is still out there. it remains the focus of a major federal investigation. >> gregg: literally, shoulder by shoulder sweeping across the runway, picking up and looking through the evidence there. it will be a long-term before they open up 28l. claudia, thank you from sfo. we are getting a riveting account from one of the passengers on board the asiana plane showing how everyone helped one another. >> it was slow-motion. we could not believe it was happening. you did not know if you would be dead at the end of this or not. the plane stops. the person to my left was injure ed and was unconscious. i unbuckled myself. i was hurting but not too open. i opened the door. the door we managed to get up. this were no slides. i could see the debris but looking further, i told people, we okay, come down, come down. >> gregg: no slides. he said there was no warning by the pilot or crew before the plane stopped at the end of the runway. >
for the past couple hours. i've called sfo, the tsa. i've called literally everyone. i even called sf pd and i've called general hospital in san francisco. nobody has been able to assist me in any way, but coincidentally, a news team has just picked me up and is trying to get me past all those security lines to reunite with my dad as we speak right now. so -- >> so what are you saying, you would like better information? or them to be more reactive? >> they could have contacted maybe the families first before anybody else. especially for, you know, people that they've identified for a crew and passengers. they could have at least, you know, tried to reach out to the families, let them know they're okay or how this procedure is going to work. because so far, i don't know how to get into the airport, i can't get into the airport even if i wanted to. i didn't know where he was located. and thank god his phone is on, because nobody else has been really been in contact with my family. >> yeah. i know that i would be very upset if i had a family member involved. you understand, i'm sure, there's chao
landed at sfo. tail ripped off. most everyone seems fine. i'm okay. surreal." and then, i mean, this is realtime. someone, it is a victim of a crash landing, a devastating crash landing, immediately takes to social media, just sends out the word before it's even on the radar of national media. then as he escapes from the plane, he turns back with his ipad and takes this video. we're going to show you. it's extraordinary stuff. all right, we'll have that video in just a second, but it really does raise questions for all of us about what the role is for traditional media. if citizen journalists can always get there first on the front lines and we are reacting to that, what is the role right now, jackie, of traditional media? >> i think it's a filter, i think it's a vet. because you have people in the moment, they're taking pictures, they're tweeting what's going on, but there is a -- there definitely is a role for gathering all of that and making sure that the story, what is actually happening is happening before their eyes, because you can't necessarily know when you're right th
to the passengers to brace or any emergency. we also know that sfo is under construction and the instrument landing system or ils as they call it was out of service for this particular runway. the boeing 777 has a redundant system that can be used in this case and the visual flight. they also have the old-school red light, white light landing system that pilots can actually look off into the distance and see whether or not they're too high or too low. clearly the glide path into sto was wrong and that will be where a lot of this centers on. >> and certainly we're getting a lot more eyewitness information from the survivors and rescue crews. what have we learned since last we spoke? >> reporter: the two that were killed railroad found on the runway, we understand. some of the survivors were found in the water, amazingly enough. and when that plane crashed, some of the force of that pushed seats together, trapped individuals in their seats. the plight crew asked emergency responder who arrived at the plane for their knives so they could cut passengers free and get everybody out. >> amazing stories th
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9